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  • 【香港】Five lessons from recent cyber attacks to protect your organisation from risk of data breach in 2016 pdficon_small.png

    Data privacy and cybersecurity are two of the biggest concerns that companies holding personal data face in 2016. This is no surprise as 2015 saw an alarming increase in data breaches worldwide and a number of incidents in Hong Kong.


  • 【中国】Beijing Issues Implementation Measures on Labor Union Law pdficon_small.png

    On November 27, 2015, the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal People’s Congress adopted the Measures for Implementing the Labor Union Law of the People’s Republic of China (“Measures”), which will take effect on January 1, 2016. The Measures are likely to impose additional costs and further administrative burdens on companies in Beijing.


  • 【中国】FIREE Recordals Tracker: October 2014 Update pdficon_small.png

    Since May 2007, any injection of foreign capital in foreign-invested real estate enterprises (FIREEs) must be recorded with the PRC Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM). These “FIREE recordals” provide a useful perspective on the trend and pace of new foreign capital inflow into the China real estate sector. However, the FIREE recordal statistics do not disclose the actual amount of foreign capital involved in each transaction.


  • 【シンガポール】Public Prosecutor v Teo Chu Ha: Ex-Seagate director's acquittal in question following Singapore Court of Appeal's decision pdficon_small.png

    In a recent Singapore Court of Appeal decision, it was held that a charge of corruption can be made out even where consideration was paid for the gratification. It is not necessary for the Prosecution to prove that the consideration was inadequate or that the transaction was a sham. Instead, one has to look at the substance of the entire scheme and its context before deciding whether there was gratification within the meaning of the Prevention of Corruption Act (“PCA”).


  • 【シンガポール】Public Consultation on Proposed Changes to the Health Products Act pdficon_small.png

    The Health Sciences Authority (the "HSA") has launched a series of public consultations on 27 October 2014 for its proposal to streamline regulations of pharmaceutical products.


  • 【中国】China Allows Wholly Foreign Owned Hospitals in Seven Cities and Provinces pdficon_small.png

    The Ministry of Commerce and the National Health and Family Planning
    Commission have jointly issued a notice to launch a pilot scheme (the
    “Pilot Scheme”) allowing foreign investors to set up wholly foreign-owned
    hospitals in the cities of Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and the provinces
    of Jiangsu, Fujian, Guangdong and Hainan starting from 25 July 2014.
    Foreign investors can establish new hospitals or acquire existing ones.
    Only investors from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan are permitted to
    operate hospitals practicing traditional Chinese medicine.


  • 【シンガポール】Singapore High Court considers whether minority oppression claims are arbitrable pdficon_small.png

    Silica Investors Limited v Tomolugen Holdings Limited [2014] SGHC 101
    involved an application to stay court proceedings in favour of arbitration. In
    this case, the Singapore High Court elaborated on the test for determining
    whether a claim fell within the scope of an arbitration clause. The Court
    explained that the focus is on identifying the essential dispute between
    parties, and also clarified that a non-contractual claim can fall within the scope
    of an arbitration agreement if it has a sufficiently close connection to the
    contract incorporating the arbitration clause. The Court was also asked to
    determine, for the first time, if claims brought under Section 216 of the
    Companies Act (Cap. 50) (also referred to as minority oppression claims)
    were arbitrable. After a thorough analysis, the Court declined to lay down a
    general rule on the arbitrability of such claims.


  • 【中国】New Compliance and Disclosure Requirements for Your China Subsidiaries pdficon_small.png

    In previous years, foreign-invested enterprises (“FIEs”) and their branches
    in China had the certainty that they would need to undergo the annual
    inspection filing with the business registration authority between March to
    June each year, and if they passed, they would be deemed to be in “good
    standing”. This year, in most cities, joint ventures, wholly foreign-owned
    enterprises (“WFOEs”), and their branches faced a new uncertainty as
    the annual inspection exercise of the Administration for Industry and
    Commerce (“AIC”) has been replaced by a new “annual reporting” system.


  • 【香港】SFC Adopts Proposals to Enhance Regulation of Hong Kong’s Professional Investor Regime pdficon_small.png

    On 25 September 2014, Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission
    (“SFC”) issued its Consultation Conclusions on the Proposed Amendments
    to the Professional Investor Regime and Further Consultation on the Client
    Agreement Requirements (“Conclusions”), following a public consultation
    launched in May 2013 on proposals to revise the existing professional
    investor regime in Hong Kong, and to introduce additional requirements
    for client agreements.


  • 【シンガポール】Public Consultation on Proposed Regulations to Help Financial Institutions Comply with US FATCA pdficon_small.png

    On 22 September 2014, the Ministry of Finance, the Monetary Authority of
    Singapore and the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore released the
    following proposed regulations and guidance to help financial institutions in
    Singapore comply with the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act


  • 【中国】最近の中国の戸籍制度における重要な発展 pdficon_small.png



  • 【シンガポール】抜本的なマネーロンダリング防止と対テロ資金改正を含めたシンガポールの反マネーロンダリング規制 pdficon_small.png



  • 【中国】中国で目立つ企業結合制度の変化 pdficon_small.png



  • 【シンガポール】著作権法改定がシンガポールの非オンラインプライバシーツールを鋭敏に pdficon_small.png



  • 【中国】外資系不動産企業登録の追跡:2014年7月更新 pdficon_small.png



  • 【中国】最近高まるストライキへのACFTUと政府の対応 pdficon_small.png



  • 【中国】外資系不動産企業登録の追跡:2014年5月更新 pdficon_small.png



  • 【北京・香港・上海】SAFE国境を越えた保安対策制度の緩和実施 pdficon_small.png



  • 【香港】雇用法の最新情報 pdficon_small.png



  • 【シンガポール】2014 年4 月1 日にシンガポールの雇用法が大幅に改正 pdficon_small.png

    2014年4月1日にシンガポールの雇用法が大幅に改正された 。今回の改正は、シンガポールで事業を営む企業の人事政策に大きな影響を与えることが考えられる。