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  • 【ベトナム】 Vietnam's Decision No. 38 Offers Regulatory Relief from Standard Contracts and General Trading Conditions Requirements for Onshore Banks; No Reprieve for Life Insurers

    Recent developments
    Vietnam previously imposed a registration requirement for "standard contracts and general trading conditions" of certain services offered by both onshore banks and life insurers through Decision No. 351 in relation to the Law on Consumer Protection.


  • 【ジャカルタ】BKPM and some sectoral ministries have issued regulations to conform with the OSS system

    This is our fifth update of the OSS system. The previous updates can be found in our website here.
    In our previous update, we mentioned that Indonesian agencies (including the Capital Investment Coordinating Board ("BKPM")) need to issue technical guidance on using the OSS system, and amend their existing regulations/decrees etc. to conform with the OSS regulation. Now BKPM and some (not yet all) Indonesian sectoral ministries have issued their sectoral regulations. The following are some of the regulations issued:


  • 【シンガポール】シンガポール高等裁判所が初めて「画期的な」サイトブロッキング命令を認める

    今年4月、アメリカ映画協会(「MPAA」)は、被告のネットワークサービスプロバイダ(「NSP」)数社に対して、シンガポール著作権法(Cap. 63)の第193DDA条(1)項に基づくサイトブロッキング命令を申請し、認められた。これにより、様々な映画やテレビ番組を配信している53の海賊版ウェブサイトからなる、著しい侵害を行っているオンラインロケーション(「FIOL」)へのアクセスを無効にする合理的措置が取られた。


  • 【マレーシア】予定される売上・サービス税(以下「SST」)の導入の枠組み


    (a) 予定される売上税の導入モデル
    (b) よくある質問(FAQ) - 2018年売上税
    (c) 予定されるサービス税の導入モデル
    (d) よくある質問(FAQ) - 2018年サービス税


  • 【シンガポール】改正会社法、2018年8月31日に施行。年次株主総会日程の簡素化及び総会開催の免除拡大へ。

    ・ 年次株主総会(以下「年次総会」)日程を会計年度末と調整
    ・ 非公開会社に関する新たな年次総会免除及び株主保護措置の導入
    会計企業規制庁/the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority(以下「ACRA」)は、次を目的とするシンガポール会社法(第50章)(以下「会社法」)の改正法を2018年8月31日に施行すると発表しました。
    ・ 年次総会の開催日程と年次報告書の提出を会計年度末と調整
    ・ 非公開会社の年次総会の開催免除のための手続きを簡素化


  • 【中国】China to Amend Its Individual Income Tax Law

    On 19 June 2018, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) deliberated on a new draft bill to amend the Individual Income Tax Law. The public comment period for the draft bill will be open until 28 July 2018. Once adopted, the draft bill is expected to take effect from 1 January 2019.


  • 【ベトナム】Customs control changes under recent government decrees

    The Government recently introduced a number of changes to customs control procedures under Decree 59/2018/ND-CP ("Decree No. 59") and Decree 69/2018/ND-CP ("Decree No. 69"). We highlight some notable amendments in accordance with these decrees below.


  • 【マレーシア】Reduction of GST rate from 6% to 0% effective from 1 June 2018

    Announcement by the Malaysian Ministry of Finance ("MOF")

    In line with the new Malaysian Government's pledge to abolish the GST regime within 100 days of coming into power, the MOF has issued a statement dated 16 May 2018 to reduce the current GST rate from 6% to 0%, effective from 1 June 2018 onwards ("MOF Statement").


  • 【シンガポール】個人データ保護委員会が、スパム規制及び勧誘電話の規制を効率化するための新法を提案

    2018年4月27日、Personal Data Protection Commission(個人データ保護委員会)は、Personal Data Protection Act(個人データ保護法)の見直しに着手する予定であることを発表しました。この見直しは、法令を効率化し、個人データ保護法とSpam Control Act(スパム規制法)が重複して適用される事案において、企業が、これらがどのように適用されるかを、ある程度明確に、また確実に把握できるようにすることを目的とするものです。


  • 【シンガポール】雇用と移民に関わる最新情報



  • 【香港】Fund Managers: Are you prepared for Hong Kong’s new fund management regulations?

    The Securities and Futures Commission ("SFC") published its Consultation Conclusions on Proposals to Enhance Asset Management Regulation and Point-of-sale Transparency and Further Consultation on Proposed Disclosure Requirements Applicable to Discretionary Accounts ("Conclusions") in November last year, which adopted important proposals to strengthen Hong Kong’s fund manager supervisory regime. The amended Fund Manager Code of Conduct ("FMCC") will come into effect on 17 November 2018. Fund managers should carefully consider how these changes will impact the way they operate their businesses, and how they interact with clients, investors, and third party service providers, and implement the necessary measures now to ensure compliance by November 2018.


  • 【中国】China’s new era of graft-busting promises a tougher regime ahead

    On 20 March 2018, China's National People's Congress ("NPC") passed the Supervision Law detailing the powers and responsibilities of the National Supervision Commission (the "New Commission"). The New Commission is China's highest anti-graft agency and was established at the first session of the 13th NPC.


  • 【ベトナム】Updates to the Draft Cybersecurity Law: More definitions provided, but certain requirements on service providers still remain

    The latest draft of the Law on Cybersecurity ("Draft Law"), submitted on 10 January 2018 for discussion at the 20th meeting of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly, among other things, provides more clarity on certain key terms and circumstances that trigger regulation of an offshore service provider.


  • 【マレーシア】Case Law Update: Malaysian Court of Appeal upholds Re Pianotist Objective Test of Confusing Similarity in Trade Marks

    The recent Court of Appeal decision of Merck Kgaa v. Leno Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd; Registrar Of Trade Marks (Interested Party) [2017] 1 LNS 1006 considered the registrability of similar trade marks under the Trade Mark Act 1976 ("TMA") and upheld the Re Pianotist test of confusing similarity, which is an objective test premised on the observations of an ordinary person. The Court of Appeal also noted the consistent decisions of the Trademark Registrar and High Court, both of whom can constitute 'ordinary persons' in the objective Re Pianotist test.


  • 【ジャカルタ】Introducing Data Categorization and Leniency for Electronic System Operators Providing Public Services

    The Government (through the Ministry of Communication and Informatics ("MOCI")) has issued a draft amendment to Government Regulation No. 82 of 2012 ("GR 82") on the Implementation of Electronic Systems and Transactions ("Draft Amendment") for public comment and feedback. GR 82 is an implementing regulation of Law No. 11 of 2008 as amended by Law No. 19 of 2016 on Electronic Information and Transactions ("EIT Law").


  • 【シンガポール】Singapore's new Cybersecurity Act – a relief and leading the way for others?

    On 5 February 2018, the Cybersecurity Bill was passed by Parliament. A draft version of this bill ("Draft Bill") had previously been issued for public consultation by the Ministry of Communications and Information ("MCI") and the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore ("CSA") on 10 July 2017. The Draft Bill was subsequently revised to take into account feedback gathered during this consultation exercise. For an overview of the key requirements of the Draft Bill, please refer to our earlier update. This update focuses on the amendments that have since found their way into the Cybersecurity Act as passed by Parliament.


  • 【中国】Latest Progress of China’s Formulation of Standards for Intelligent and Connected Vehicles

    On 29 December 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology(“MIIT”) and the Standardization Administration of China (“SAC”) jointlyissued the National Guidelines for Developing the Standards System of theTelematics Industry (Intelligent and Connected Vehicles) (国家车联网产业标准体系建设指南 (智能网联汽车), the “ICV Guidelines”).


  • 【ベトナム】New Decree on Trading Rights/Distribution Rights, and Trade-related Activities

    Issued and effective on 15 January 2018, Decree No. 09/2018/ND-CP ("Decree No. 09") superseded Decree No. 23/2007/ND-CP detailing the Commercial Law on international goods sale and purchase and related activities of foreign invested enterprises ("Decree No. 23").
    Decree No. 09 continues to maintain administrative burdens on foreigninvested enterprises when operating in the international trade in goods and trade-related activities, but does provide clarity on business license requirements, regulatory time frame and relevant authorities.
    There are a number of salient amendments as follows:


  • 【ジャカルタ】インドネシア国家食品医薬監督庁における 便益規制

    インドネシア国家食品医薬品監督庁(Badan Pengwas Obat dan Makanan;略称BPOM)は2017年10月10日付で、BPOM庁内における便益受領の規制に関する2017年規則第20号(以下「規則第20号」と称する)を発行しました。同規則は2017年10月13日付で施行されています。規則第20号によって、同事項について定めた旧BPOM規則(BPOM庁内における便益受領の規制に関する2015年規則第4号)は廃止されました。今回の規則発行の目的は、旧規則に含まれていた便益受領の規制に関する規定を、インドネシア汚職撲滅委員会(KPK)が策定した改正規定に適応させることです。規則第20号は、医療・衛生部門の汚職防止に関してBPOM、その他の機関とKPKとの間で2016年に交わされた合意をフォローアップするものとして発行されました。


  • 【マレーシア】ヘルスケア・ニュースレター

    マレーシアにおけるヘルスケア業界の最新情報をお届けします。 今回は、薬事法案(Pharmacy Bill)、2017年食品(改正)規則(No. 4)、民間高齢者ヘルスケア施設・サービス法案、および2012年医療機器法に基づく非矯正コンタクトレンズに係る新規則を取り上げながら、業界の重要な出来事について概説します。