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  • 【シンガポール】Singapore's new Cybersecurity Act – a relief and leading the way for others? pdficon_small.png

    On 5 February 2018, the Cybersecurity Bill was passed by Parliament. A draft version of this bill ("Draft Bill") had previously been issued for public consultation by the Ministry of Communications and Information ("MCI") and the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore ("CSA") on 10 July 2017. The Draft Bill was subsequently revised to take into account feedback gathered during this consultation exercise. For an overview of the key requirements of the Draft Bill, please refer to our earlier update. This update focuses on the amendments that have since found their way into the Cybersecurity Act as passed by Parliament.


  • 【中国】Latest Progress of China’s Formulation of Standards for Intelligent and Connected Vehicles pdficon_small.png

    On 29 December 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology(“MIIT”) and the Standardization Administration of China (“SAC”) jointlyissued the National Guidelines for Developing the Standards System of theTelematics Industry (Intelligent and Connected Vehicles) (国家车联网产业标准体系建设指南 (智能网联汽车), the “ICV Guidelines”).


  • 【ベトナム】New Decree on Trading Rights/Distribution Rights, and Trade-related Activities pdficon_small.png

    Issued and effective on 15 January 2018, Decree No. 09/2018/ND-CP ("Decree No. 09") superseded Decree No. 23/2007/ND-CP detailing the Commercial Law on international goods sale and purchase and related activities of foreign invested enterprises ("Decree No. 23").
    Decree No. 09 continues to maintain administrative burdens on foreigninvested enterprises when operating in the international trade in goods and trade-related activities, but does provide clarity on business license requirements, regulatory time frame and relevant authorities.
    There are a number of salient amendments as follows:


  • 【ジャカルタ】インドネシア国家食品医薬監督庁における 便益規制 pdficon_small.png

    インドネシア国家食品医薬品監督庁(Badan Pengwas Obat dan Makanan;略称BPOM)は2017年10月10日付で、BPOM庁内における便益受領の規制に関する2017年規則第20号(以下「規則第20号」と称する)を発行しました。同規則は2017年10月13日付で施行されています。規則第20号によって、同事項について定めた旧BPOM規則(BPOM庁内における便益受領の規制に関する2015年規則第4号)は廃止されました。今回の規則発行の目的は、旧規則に含まれていた便益受領の規制に関する規定を、インドネシア汚職撲滅委員会(KPK)が策定した改正規定に適応させることです。規則第20号は、医療・衛生部門の汚職防止に関してBPOM、その他の機関とKPKとの間で2016年に交わされた合意をフォローアップするものとして発行されました。


  • 【マレーシア】ヘルスケア・ニュースレター pdficon_small.png

    マレーシアにおけるヘルスケア業界の最新情報をお届けします。 今回は、薬事法案(Pharmacy Bill)、2017年食品(改正)規則(No. 4)、民間高齢者ヘルスケア施設・サービス法案、および2012年医療機器法に基づく非矯正コンタクトレンズに係る新規則を取り上げながら、業界の重要な出来事について概説します。


  • 【香港】Codification of Transfer Pricing Rules into Hong Kong Tax Law pdficon_small.png

    On 29 December 2017, the Hong Kong Government gazetted the Inland Revenue (Amendment) (No.6) Bill 2017 ("Bill"), proposing the codification of transfer pricing principles into law.


  • 【シンガポール】The Proposed Payment Services Bill and How It Might Affect You pdficon_small.png

    On 21 November 2017, the Monetary Authority of Singapore ("MAS") issued a consultation paper on the Proposed Payment Services Bill ("Consultation Paper"). This follows the consultation paper issued by the MAS on 25 August 2016 regarding the Proposed Activity-based Payments Framework and Establishment of a National Payments Council, which proposed an activity-based regulatory framework to regulate entities operating within the payments ecosystem. Details of the Consultation Paper can be accessed from our client alert here.


  • 【シンガポール】人材省が雇用許可書の申請時に雇用主の採用慣行に関する情報を要求するようになりました pdficon_small.png

    人材省(Ministry of Manpower)は雇用許可書(「EP」)のオンライン申請の申請書に質問を追加、雇用主の採用慣行に関する情報の開示を求めています。


  • 【ジャカルタ】Updates on The Halal Law: Wait & See pdficon_small.png

    In 2014 the Indonesian government issued Law No. 33 of 2014 on Halal Product Assurance (“Halal Law”). The Halal Law requires all “products” that are imported, distributed and traded within the Indonesian territory to be halal certified (“Halal Certification Requirement”). The Halal Certification Requirement will only come into effect 5 years after the Halal Law is enacted (ie, 17 October 2019). Prior to that date, halal certification will be complied with by business actors on a ‘voluntary’ basis.


  • 【マレーシア】マレーシア国外役務に対して支払われる費用に ついての源泉徴収税免除 pdficon_small.png

    2017年10月24日、2017年所得税(免除)(第9号)政令 (以下「免税令」)が連邦官報で発表されました。免税令は、特定の状況においてマレーシア国内で発生した特定種類の所得に対する非居住者の所得税の支払いを免除し、この免除対象所得には1967年マレーシア所得税法(以下「所得税法」)の第109B条に基づく源泉徴収税納税義務を適用しないことを規定するものです。


  • 【シンガポール】就労ビザ保持者がシンガポールで扶養家族の保証人になるために必要な給与要件が、人材省労働省により変更されます pdficon_small.png

    2017年10月1日、人材省("MOM")はそのウェブサイトにおいて、就労ビザ保持者が家族帯同特権を得るために必要な給与基準を、(配偶者と子どもの場合は)S$ 5,000からS$ 6,000に、さらに(主要ビザ保持者の両親の場合は)S$ 10,000からS$ 12,000に引き上げることを発表しました。この引き上げは、就労ビザ保持者がシンガポールで扶養家族を養えることを保証するための措置です。


  • 【マレーシア】2010年個人情報保護法(PDPA)の取締り強化 pdficon_small.png


    そのため、データ利用者はPersonal Data Protection Regulation(PDPA規則)とPersonal Data Protection Standards (PDPA基準)を含む個人情報保護法に基づくすべての要件とその下位規則に準拠していることを確認することが重要です。


  • 【シンガポール】Chua Hock Soon James v Public Prosecutor and other appeals [2017] SGHC 230 pdficon_small.png

    The decision arose from an appeal against the order of conviction recorded by the district judge in PP v Chua Hock Soon James, Harriet International Network Pte Ltd & Harriet Education Group Pte Ltd [2016] SGDC 71.

    The appellants were Harriet International Network Pte Ltd ("HIN"), Harriet Education Group Pte Ltd ("HEG"), and the managing director of both companies, Chua Hock Soon James ("Chua") (collectively as the "Appellants").


  • 【ジャカルタ】The Ministry of Agriculture Issues New Regulation on Supply and Distribution of Milk pdficon_small.png

    On 17 July 2017 the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia passed Regulation No. 26 of 2017 on Milk Supply and Distribution ("Regulation 26") which became effective on 19 July 2017. Regulation 26 deals with milk supply and distribution, the obligation of business actors to create a partnership as well as the sanctions that might be imposed for violation of Regulation 26.


  • 【中国】CFDA: Regulatory Developments on Drug Registration in China pdficon_small.png

    The China Food and Drug Administration (“CFDA”) has been busy publishing draft orders in the first half of 2017. Some of the draft orders and decisions are extremely important and will have far-reaching impact on the drug registration system in China. The draft orders and decisions, if passed, will speed up the entire drug registration procedure in China, benefiting foreign drug manufacturers.


  • 【ジャカルタ】The Government Issues New Regulation on Payment and Delivery of Goods in Export Import Activities pdficon_small.png

    On 21 July 2017, the Government of the Republic Indonesia issued Regulation No. 29 of 2017 on Procedure of Payment and Delivery of Goods in respect of Export and Import Activities ("Regulation 29") which came into effect on 24 July 2017.


  • 【シンガポール】Ministry of Health Provides Additional Funding to Develop Traditional Chinese Medicine pdficon_small.png

    On 2 August 2017, the Ministry of Health ("MOH") announced that it will provide additional funding of S$5 million for the Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Grant ("TCMRG") to develop and support the Traditional Chinese Medicine ("TCM") sector. This additional S$5 million funding bolsters the $3 million which had earlier been put aside for the TCM sector in December 2012 for the same purpose.


  • 【マレーシア】マレーシア移転価格に関する状況の変化 pdficon_small.png

    マレーシア内国歳入庁(IRB)は、段階的に2012年マレーシア移転価格ガイドライン(2012年TPガイドライン)の各章を変更し、2012年TPガイドラインを改訂することを発表しました。今回の改訂の主要目的は、マレーシアの移転価格規則を世界的な進展と足並みをそろえることですが、独立企業原則(Arm's length principle)の実施を強化し、IRBによる独立企業原則の解釈を明確にすることも目的としています。


  • 【ベトナム】Civil Code Amendments in Practice: Representative Offices, Business Associations, etc., Lose Capacity to Operate Bank Accounts pdficon_small.png

    Non-legal entities no longer have legal capacity for purposes of civil transactions
    Law No. 91/2015/QH13 on the Civil Code was adopted by the National Assembly on November 24, 2015, and entered into force January 01, 2017 ("Civil Code 2015"). The Civil Code 2015 only provides for the legal capacity of legal entities (judicial persons) and individuals (natural persons) in civil transactions. Accordingly, Civil Code 2015 omits the legal capacity of non-legal entities to conduct any civil transaction.
    Among other things, this means many thousands of non-legal entities, including representative offices, business associations, branches of offshore enterprises, offices of foreign contractors and NGO offices, may no longer be able to engage in any civil transaction as a party to such transactions.


  • 【ジャカルタ・シンガポール】ESDM Regulation 42 and oil and gas companies: where have the contract rights gone, and other questions pdficon_small.png

    On 14th July the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (Minister) published regulation no. 42 of 2017 (Reg. 42).
    The share transfer / change in control and change of director provisions of Reg. 42 apply to upstream and downstream oil and gas companies, IUPTL holders (power producers) and IPB holders (geothermal companies). This alert discusses the implication of Reg. 42 on oil and gas companies.