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  • 【タイ】5% Securities Report (Form 246-2) Will Be Filed Via Online System pdficon_small.png

    In early August 2019, the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC Office) launched a testing system for online submission of the Report of the Acquisition or Disposition of Securities for every 5% of securities of companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (Form 246-2).


  • 【ジャカルタ】BKPM Amends Its Regulation to Exclude Real Estate Business Lines pdficon_small.png

    In mid-February this year, the authority to grant licenses for certain real estate business lines passed from BKPM to the online single submission (OSS) system.
    The relevant licenses are:


  • 【ベトナム】CPTPP の下での関税引下げに関する新法令- 輸出入業者への恩恵 pdficon_small.png

    2019 年6 月26 日、政府は環太平洋パートナーシップに関する包括的及び先進的な協定( CPTPP)に基づく輸出入に関するベトナムの関税コミットメントを実施するために、2019 年6 月26 日に政令第57/2019 / ND-CP 号(以下「政令第57号」)を発行しました。


  • 【マレーシア】マレーシア競争委員会は、知的財産権および競争法に関する指針を発行 pdficon_small.png



  • 【シンガポール】英国法における分離可能性についての動向 pdficon_small.png



  • アセアン知的財産ニュース pdficon_small.png

    1. 法務人権省(MOLHR)が特許強制実施権の付与手続きに関する施行規則を公表
    ・ 特許付与日から36カ月以内に、特許権者がインドネシアで特許製品を製造する、または特許方法を使用する義務を果たさない場合
    ・ 公益を損なう形態または方法で、特許権者またはそのライセンシーにより特許が実施されている場合
    ・ 先に付与された特許の改良特許が、まだ保護されている他者の有効な特許を使用しなければ実施できない場合


  • 【ベトナム】Taxation of foreign e-commerce business introduced under the Law on Tax Administration pdficon_small.png

    On 13 June 2019, the National Assembly adopted the Law on Tax Administration, which will take effect and replace the currently Law on Tax Administration from 1 July 2020.


  • 【中国】China will release its "Unreliable Entity List" pdficon_small.png

    The Ministry of Commerce of China (MOFCOM) announced on 31 May 2019 that the Chinese government will introduce an "Unreliable Entity List" regime, under which foreign entities or individuals that boycott or cut off supplies to Chinese companies for non-commercial purposes and causing serious damages to Chinese companies would be listed as "Unreliable Entities". The specific rules, including the list itself and the restrictive measures applicable to the listed entities, will be separately released in the near future. This new regime may be used by China as a countermeasure against export control measures of foreign governments targeting specific Chinese companies.


  • 【香港】The Occupational Retirement Schemes (Amendment) Bill 2019 pdficon_small.png

    The Occupational Retirement Schemes (Amendment) Bill 2019 (“Amendment Bill”) was published in the Gazette on 4 April 2019. The Amendment Bill overhauls the regulatory regime of the Occupational Retirement Schemes Ordinance (“ORSO”) and prevents misuse of the occupational retirement schemes. There is no definite timeline as to the implementation of the Amendment Bill (the “Effective Date”). However, the Amendment Bill will be introduced into the Legislative Council for First Reading on 17 April 2019.


  • 【マレーシア】uCustoms システムの導入 pdficon_small.png

    Sistem Maklumat Kastam(SMK)は、輸出入品の税関申告のための現行のオペレーティングシステムです。王立マレーシア税関はSMKについて、シングルウィンドウ(手続きが1つの窓口で完結する)で完全に一元化されたエンドツーエンドのシステムであるユビキタス税関システム(別名uCustoms)に置き換えようとしています。uCustomsは数年にわたり作業が進行してきましたが、その完了に向けて状況が進展しつつあることから、uCustomsの進捗状況や事業者にとってどのような影響があるのかについてお知らせします。


  • 【ベトナム】 Draft Law on amendments of Law on Intellectual Property - Meeting CPTPP Standards pdficon_small.png

    The Ministry of Industry and Trade has recently released the first draft ("Draft") of the Law on Amendment of some articles related to the Law on Insurance Business, the Law on Intellectual Property ("Law on IP") for public comments, with the aim to align national legislation with requirements set out in the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership ("CPTPP"), which came into effect on 14 January 2019 in Vietnam.


  • 【ジャカルタ】New Bank Indonesia Regulation on Report of Foreign Exchange Activities Requires Additional Information on Risk Participation Transactions pdficon_small.png

    Recent Development
    Bank Indonesia recently issued Bank Indonesia Regulation No. 21/2/PBI/2019 on Reports of Foreign Exchange Activities dated 7 January 2019 ("Regulation 21/2"), which becomes effective this month. Regulation 21/2 requires parties involved in risk participation transactions ("RPTs") to disclose information on RPTs as part of their foreign exchange activities reports. RPTs refer to transactions which transfer the risk of credit or other facilities from one party to another based on a risk participation agreement. Regulation 21/2 is issued to improve Bank Indonesia's data on foreign exchange activities. Before this regulation, information on RPTs was not reported. The issuance of this regulation is also in line with the issuance of Bank Indonesia Regulation No. 21/1/PBI/2019 on Offshore Loans and Other Bank Obligations in Foreign Currencies dated 7 January 2019.


  • 【ミャンマー】商標法案および工業意匠法案の法律化 pdficon_small.png

    長く待ち望まれたミャンマーの商標法案および工業意匠法案が、2019 年1月30 日にミャンマー大統領により署名され、法律として成立しました。これら新法により、ミャンマーのIP 法の枠組みに重要かつ抜本的な改革が導入されることになります。


  • 【ミャンマー】ミャンマー国会、商標法案を認証、施行が待たれる pdficon_small.png

    ミャンマーの商標法案は、2018年12月12日に、ミャンマー人民代表院(Pyithu Hluttaw:下院に相当)で可決されました。同法案は、既に2018年2月に、ミャンマー上院で可決されており、これで両院の承認を得たことになります。今後は、上下院で改正部分について更なる審議を執り行うか、大統領署名により法が成立されるかの確認を待つことになります。


  • 【ジャカルタ】インドネシアにおける汚職行為の会社へのコスト:最近の会社刑事責任執行から学ぶ点 pdficon_small.png

    2016年12月に会社犯罪の事件取扱手続に関する最高裁判所規則2016年第13号(以下「Perma 13」)が発令され、そのほぼ直後に、汚職撲滅委員会(KPK)は上場建築会社であるPT Nusa Konstruksi Enjiniring, Tbk(以下「NKE」、旧名称「PT Duta Graha Indah, Tbk」)を複数の政府建設プロジェクトにおける汚職行為の容疑者として検挙しました。


  • 【香港】Convictions in less than a year after the Significant Controllers Register law came into force pdficon_small.png

    On 7 January 2019, the Companies Registry published highlights of several prosecution cases regarding the convictions in November 2018 of twelve Hong Kong companies for having failed to keep and maintain their significant controllers registers ("SCR") in accordance with the Companies Ordinance (Cap 622) (the "CO"). All the companies convicted were fined. Details of the prosecutions and convictions can be found at:


  • 【中国】China's draft IIT implementing regulations and measures present tax planning opportunities and challenges pdficon_small.png

    On 20 October 2018, the Ministry of Finance and the State of Administration of Taxation (SAT) deliberated on a draft to amend the Implementing Regulations for the Individual Income Tax Law ("Draft Implementing Regulations") and the draft Interim Measures on the Additional Special Deduction Items for the Individual Income Tax ("Draft Special Deduction Measures"). Both drafts will take effect on 1 January 2019 to implement the new Individual Income Tax (IIT) Law1.


  • 【シンガポール】シンガポール雇用法の改正内容の発表 – 画期的な変更 pdficon_small.png



  • 【ベトナム】 Vietnam's Decision No. 38 Offers Regulatory Relief from Standard Contracts and General Trading Conditions Requirements for Onshore Banks; No Reprieve for Life Insurers pdficon_small.png

    Recent developments
    Vietnam previously imposed a registration requirement for "standard contracts and general trading conditions" of certain services offered by both onshore banks and life insurers through Decision No. 351 in relation to the Law on Consumer Protection.


  • 【ジャカルタ】BKPM and some sectoral ministries have issued regulations to conform with the OSS system pdficon_small.png

    This is our fifth update of the OSS system. The previous updates can be found in our website here.
    In our previous update, we mentioned that Indonesian agencies (including the Capital Investment Coordinating Board ("BKPM")) need to issue technical guidance on using the OSS system, and amend their existing regulations/decrees etc. to conform with the OSS regulation. Now BKPM and some (not yet all) Indonesian sectoral ministries have issued their sectoral regulations. The following are some of the regulations issued: